Medical Insurance For Pets - Giving Your Pet the Medical Care it Deserves

Thursday, January 2, 2014
Getting pets their needed medical services are quite expensive nowadays and may people don't have the money to pay such service.

As an alternative to minimize the cost of these services, many are considering getting pet insurance to be able to give the maximum care for the pet when something does go wrong. A comprehensive insurance plan can help truly help on lessening and worry on those medical bills.

Providing Medical Insurances For Your Pets

Looking for medical insurance for pets is the same as choosing an insurance policy for your family. The best way to prepare before buying medical insurance is for you to do some homework. Knowing all the possible medical services your pets needs and if all of this services are covered by the insurance. You can use the internet for searching online for some needed information and your pet's medical history for some added information. The medical insurance for pets does cost a lot and you need to safeguard your money and spend it very well.

Once done with accumulating all the needed information on what type of medical service your pets need, the next to do is to find an insurance company that offers coverage of your pets medical needs. As a warning when you are looking for the right insurance company, some insurance company offers a lot of services even though you don't need them. Don't allow such as offers stick to want you wanted.

Your pet needs are your focus. Don't go for extra coverage that you need to pay a lot more. For this time those basic medical needs are the most important and anything else will follow when you have some extra money on hand.

When deciding on the medical plan for your pet, better know first what benefits the pet will get. Check into multi-pet plans, these plans allows you to get insured with more than one pet plus getting a discount. Much better way of getting insurances without declining on the benefits that is available to all of your pets. Remember always get the maximum coverage when getting a medical insurance for pets.

Pet Health Insurance Buyer's Guide

Should you buy pet health insurance for your cat? Veterinary treatment has made some astonishing advances in the past few years, but this treatment can come with an astonishing price tag. Try $2,000 to $5,000 to treat a broken leg, or $1,500 for a surgical procedure. What would you do if you were faced with a big vet bill?
Nobody wants to consider the possibility of their kitty being injured or becoming ill with a chronic health condition. But every year, one in three pets will need emergency vet care. And two out of three will develop a serious health problem over the course of their lifetimes. Purchasing pet medical insurance now can prevent a heartbreaking choice later.
Before you buy any cat health insurance, do your homework. There are many companies selling many different policies. It can be confusing, so compare the policies carefully so you can make a wise decision.
Ask the following questions:
  • Has the company been in business for fifteen or twenty years? This is a competitive business, and companies selling health insurance for pets come and go. You don't want to find out your company is out of business when you try to file a claim.
  • Has your vet ever heard of this company or had dealings with it in the past? He or she may be able to suggest a good company or one to avoid.
  • Can you go to any licensed vet, or are you limited to a certain network? Is emergency care covered? What about in the middle of the night? Now is the time to get answers, not when you are in the midst of a crisis.
  • What exactly is covered? This will determine your how high your premiums are. If all accidents and illnesses are covered, your premiums will be a lot higher than if you have a policy that covers accidents only or accidents and certain conditions.
  • What about pre-existing conditions? What are they? If your cat is treated for a condition, will it be considered "pre-existing" when you renew? If so, further treatment for the condition won't be covered.
  • Should you choose a high or low deductible? If your deductible is higher, your premiums will be lower. But you'll pay more every time your kitty goes to the vet. So think about how many times a year your feline visits the vet. A higher deductible is fine for a pet with few vet visits, but may not be so great for one who needs more vet care.
  • Is there a penalty for changing your plan or deductible? You want to be able to do this in case you have some financial problems and need to change your plan.
  • What conditions are excluded? Understand exactly what is and is not covered so you don't wind up with an unpleasant surprise later on. Are there caps on the amount the company will pay each year, or for a certain condition? Is there a lifetime cap per animal?
  • Can you renew the policy when your pet gets older? Some companies won't insure older pets. How much will your premiums increase as your pet ages?
  • How is your reimbursement calculated? Some companies pay a certain percentage of the amount you paid your vet. Others have a benefit schedule where they decide how much they'll pay for a certain treatment. Then they pay a percentage of this amount, which may be less than what you've already paid. Be sure you and your insurance company are on the same page when it comes to reimbursements.
  • Is the pet insurance company licensed in your state?

Worried About Sick Pet Or Medical Bills? Get A Pet Medical Insurance

While owning a pet is an emotional decision more often decided by your heart than your head. One look at the cuddling puppy and you are sure that you will not decline the offer in anyway, to own it. Ignored are the facts and the real issues and responsibilities that come along the owning of pets.

Apart from the responsibility of being the guardian of that creature who is not only totally dependent on you in for his needs like food but also a proper medical care. Reality starts to dawn when the pet gets sick and you rush to the nearest Veterinary doctor for help. Though the pet is taken care well but the whole episode might put a strain on your pocket. The perfect way out of this dilemma is to opt for an appropriate pet medical insurance, which not only helps you provide the best medical care to your pet but also keeps all the worries of financial implication of the treatment, from burdening you.

The vet bills could range from regular vaccination to complicated treatments. The cost of treatment could be heavy and might upset your monthly budget. This is where your Pet Medical Insurance steps in. All you need to do is just pay the premium. That's it. Company will take care of expenses in case your pet falls sick.

Value For Money-Medical Insurance

Remember the way you searched everywhere for your own medical insurance? A similar effort is needed here as well to find an insurance plan that fulfills all your specific needs. You make get confused with so many insurance quotes provided by different insurance companies on learning that you are thinking of buying ones. If not scrutinized carefully you may end up buying a wrong cover which might be a bad investment as well. For you, your pet is a part of your family and you always want the best for your pet. Can you imagine of not having insurance covered for any of your children? Pets too fall ill and need emergency treatments. You surely won't like to spend thousands on their medical bills.

There are policies offering exactly what you need. Ask your veterinarian for more details on types of plan available and the best ones for you. The flexibility provided by the insurance companies, makes the job of buying the right insurance plan, an easier job. The tailor made plan to cover your specific needs taking into account the potential risks that you pet might be prone to, in its immediate environment, that is the area of the home where it spends maximum time.

California Pet Medical Insurance

California has vast agricultural land. Californian farmers usually have lot of animals on the farm. As pets, animals are a welcome addition for families.

Research has proved that keeping pets has a positive effect on the health of the family. Total responsibility of care of pets lies on the family. There can be instances when these pets become ill or have an accident. Treatment for them can become a financial burden. Many companies in California cover pets under pet medical insurance. These plans reimburse costs for major illnesses and health care is provided to pets through these plans.

Usually pet insurances are for dogs and cats. But there are companies that cover birds and exotic animals. Insurance plans for pets, cover expenses that are incurred during a visit to the veterinary doctor. Major illnesses such as cancer also covered under them. Serious accidents or illnesses may require admitting the pet to a hospital. Medical insurance companies reimburse charges for hospital stay and surgery also. Euthanasia is also covered under pet health insurance plans.

Some of pet insurance plans also cover routine check up. Vaccinations, flea protection treatment, or worm protection, are some of the other aspects that are taken care of by these policies. Exotic birds and animals have special medical needs that require specialized veterinary doctors. Plans are created by combining benefits as per need of pets. Typical services such as beak trimming and treating breathing illnesses in birds are included in pet medical insurance policies. Reptiles, rabbits, and hamsters are some other pets that are covered under medical insurance.

One important aspect to be taken care of before insuring pets is to watch out for existing diseases. Most pet insurances do not cover hereditary diseases or the existing ones. There are a lot of things that insurance companies do not share in the beginning. So before buying an insurance policy for pets, going through the policy documents is of utmost importance.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Pet Medical Insurance?

Pet health insurance is not a new idea. It has been available for more than 20 years. But there are still some people that find pet health insurance is still relatively new.

Currently, there are many options. While some pet owners are doubtful, some fear that adding insurance to veterinary medicine will follow the path of insurance red tape and problems found in human health care fields.

Pet health care policies are in some ways similar to human insurance policies. There are annual premiums, deductibles and different coverage plans based on what the owner chooses. Plans are based on species, age, pre-existing conditions and in some cases, even upon the lifestyle of the pet.

According to some experts, the best time to purchase pet insurance is when the animal is still young. Many pet health insurance plans do not cover pre- existing conditions. Insuring early can also provide coverage for certain initial veterinary procedures such as vaccinations and spaying.

When looking for a pet health insurance, consider the company stability. Even if pet health insurance has been available for more than 25 years and has grown to become a strong industry, there are few companies who have been on the market for a while. So, when shopping for pet insurance, do your research about the insurance company. Know how long it has been in business and if it is financially solid.

Make sure that the company has in-depth veterinary knowledge. A quality pet health insurance provider should have knowledge of the veterinary and insurance industries. It should have trained veterinary professionals on their staff. It pays if your veterinarian actually recommends the pet health insurance.

When looking for a pet health insurance, check for the wellness coverage. Preventive care is important for the long-term health of the pet. In order to encourage and remind pet owners to take their pet to the vet on a regular basis, there are pet insurance plans offering coverage for common preventive treatments and procedures like wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm protection, neutering, teeth cleaning, prescription flea control and many more.

Aside from wellness coverage, also check the broad coverage for illnesses. Policies should include coverage for prescription drugs, dental illness, allergies and diabetes. Also check if your pet has insurance coverage even if it is away from home. A good pet insurance should cover your pet no matter where you are.

Also check if it is possible to have your own veterinarian. Some pet owners would rather have their own veterinarian including veterinary specialists such as oncologists, neurologists, and allergists.

If pet health insurance is not for you and your pet, there are other options that you can choose from to keep your pet healthy.

You can check with your veterinarian. There are some hospitals that offer wellness packages. They offer discount prices on vaccinations, spay/neuters and similar medical attention. Some even have geriatric health check up packages you can check on.

Discount programs like Pet Assure is another option. This national program offers 25 percent savings on veterinary services. They can sometimes offer as much as 50 percent on pet supplies. They have a network of participating veterinarians and pet vendors where you can take advantage of their services and discounts.

Some human and non-profit organizations offer financial aid to pet owners. Some veterinary offices even keep an emergency fund for pets in the event they have an emergency situation. But even if there is an option like this, pet owners should still primarily provide or cover financial cost brought about by emergency situations.

Pet health insurance is something that can help pet owners provide the best possible care for their pets in time of need.

However, health insurance is not the only option that pet owners have. Still the most important thing is tender loving care.

Peace of Mind Or Waste of Money?

Even though it is gaining popularity in the U.S., pet medical insurance remains a mystery to millions of pet owners. I find this rather surprising since we spent upwards of $45 billion in 2009 on our beloved pets. (American Pet Products Assoc.estimate.)

We spend on gourmet foods, we shower them with toys, designer clothing and state of the art beds. We buy crates, carts and even strollers to take them along with us wherever we go.

So it seems logical that we should be spending on medical insurance for our pets as well. After all, we obviously want them to live long and healthy lives, right? And, God forbid, if anything should happen to them like a serious illness or an accident, we would want to give them the best medical care available, right?

Pet Medical Insurance Can Offer Peace of Mind

Medical treatment for animals can be quite expensive and, just like our own medical care, new and more expensive treatments become available every day. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Americans spent $12 billion in 2009 on veterinary care for their pets.

Because having a pet in our lives gives us so many benefits (like reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, fighting depression) we often find ourselves going to extraordinary lengths to treat an ill pet. Having pet insurance can offer real peace of mind should they become seriously ill or injured. Imagine how devastating it would be to let your beloved pet go because you could not afford to treat it.

There are now state-of-the-art treatments and facilities available to diagnose and treat animals. Everything from stem cell transplants to physical therapy to high tech radiation therapy are now available to help cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and a wide assortment of animals.

What Will Pet Insurance Cover?

Just like our own health coverage, pet insurance plans cover everything from catastrophic illness and injuries to routine wellness coverage. You will need to decide what kind of coverage you need. You will also need to shop carefully with various pet insurance companies to look for exclusions that might affect your particular situation.

For instance, older pets might not be able to get coverage. Some plans exclude specific breed conditions. Some plans will include preventative care, some won't. Some will exclude pre-existing conditions. Always be sure to check carefully before purchasing any coverage.

Before you buy that next jewel-studded collar for your princess pooch think about how you would feel if she became seriously ill and you couldn't afford to get her the best care

Do Fluffy and Fido Need Their Own Policies?

Insurance for your pet may sound like a rather silly idea, but it can actually be a very wise investment. Just like humans, both cats and dogs can fall ill suddenly or have accidents that result in injury. In some cases, it can be so costly to treat your pet because of the extensive tests necessary since your pet can not tell you what is wrong. Thus, pet medical insurance can be a literal life saver for your pet.

Of course pet medical insurance in itself will not save your pet's life - that is up to the veterinarian. But by having pet insurance you do not have to go without life saving treatment for your pet because of the costs. It is heartbreaking enough to lose a beloved four legged friend to old age, but it can be more devastating to lose a pet because you had to make the decision to let them go because of the cost of treatment.

To many people, pets are true members of the family. A pet's health and well being are considered as important as any other human family member's health. Unfortunately, in most cases there is no financial assistance available when it comes to veterinarian treatment. Having pet medical insurance may be the only way you can treat your pet in the case of illness or injury and not cause yourself horrible financial strain. Of course, even if the treatment would not cause you undue financial stress, why pay full price for an expected illness or injury if you do not have to?

If you want to safeguard your pet's health and to protect your finances at the same time, here is my #1 recommendation for pet medical insurance []. Even if your pet is completely healthy now you just never know what could happen - injuries and accidents can happen so fast and unexpectedly!

3 Myths About Buying Medical Insurance For Your Pets

One of the worst feelings a pet owner can come across is having their pet become sick and they can't afford to pay for their medical care. With a routine visit to the veterinarian costing somewhere around $300, it's no wonder why people are struggling. However, this scenario could be prevented by having a pet medical insurance plan in place. Unfortunately there's a lot of misinformation about this type of insurance since it's relatively new to the market.

Here are three myths about pet medical insurance you should know:

Myth #1 - It's Expensive

Anytime someone says the word insurance, most people probably think "There's no way I could afford that!". With pet insurance, that's not the case at all. For less than most people pay for coffee each month, you can get a plan that will help cover the cost of going to the vet when your pet is sick.

Myth #2 - It Doesn't Cover Anything

One common misconception is to think that pet insurance has a limited scope of what it can cover. But the reality is that pet owners have a choice when picking out the insurance. You can choose a plan that covers only routine visits to the vet or you can get a more comprehensive plan that covers treatment for conditions like cancer and diabetes.

Myth #3 - You Have To Buy it Through Your Veterinarian

Veterinarians will often make you think that you need to buy insurance through them or else it won't be valid. Again, this is another myth. You have the option to get quotes online and pick out the right insurance for your pet. You will want to confirm with your vet that the company is a reputable one and that they pay their claims in a timely manner. But you don't have to pay for the vet's commission to get the right insurance.

Pet Medical Insurance - Now Or Later?

Should you get pet medical insurance now or later? Your pet is young and healthy. They received all the proper shots and early care before you took over their primary care and you still have months to go before they are due for more shots. It is tempting to let the pet insurance wait until a problem arises. There are many reasons why this is not a good idea. The most critical of these is the fact that insurance companies most often refuse to insure pre-existing conditions. If you wait until a problem develops you will be too late to get coverage and could end up paying out thousands of dollars in veterinary bills.

Some pet medical insurance companies will offer separate policies for your puppy or kitten that can transition into an adult policy as the animal grows. Puppies and kittens require more care in the first six months of life, not the least of which is spaying or neutering. Getting this coverage will not only ease the financial burden of caring for your new pet, but will help you get into good health care habits with your pet from the very outset. Study after study has proved that regular health care from an early age can help your pet live a longer and more active life.

Many people seem to be penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to health care for their pets. They balk at getting pet medical insurance for fear that they will pay monthly premiums for years and never need the insurance. This policy is short sighted to say the least. Studies show that basic health care for you animals can run upwards of $3000 over the lifetime of the animal that that is without considering any accident or critical care. A pet insurance policy can cost in the neighborhood of $3000 as well, but if there is an accident or traumatic illness the insurance will cover that cost. The key is to balance your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your pets against the probability of injury or illness and make your decision whether or not in invest in pet insurance.

For most of us it just makes sense to get pet medical insurance when our pets are young and maintain a policy throughout their lives. A good medical policy will give you peace of mind knowing that no matter what problem arises you will have the financial ability to deal with it.

Sherry Harris is the author of a wide range of dog topics including, but not limited to: dog insurance, puppy training, dog grooming, pet travel, dog training and much more. Your dog means the world to you, and that is why you need to make sure you have pet insurance. Dog insurance offers you a way to budget your vet's bill.

How to Find Reliable Pet Medical Insurance

When looking for pet medical insurance, there are so many different companies offering such a large choice of policy, it can all be very confusing. Every pet owner has different needs, requirements and budget, and you need to choose a company that fully understand that. Keeping your pet healthy is very important, and you can never tell what is going to happen in the future. That is why pet medical insurance is so important. For many responsible pet owners, insurance is as important as feeding, grooming and exercise.
Deciding what to cover your pet for is the first decision, it is advisable to have a dual policy which covers for both, injury and illness. There are extra items you can add to the policy, for example, if you are injured yourself and your pet needs to go into boarding kennels, or if your pet causes damage to somebody else's property.
These things can all be covered within your pet medical insurance. The most important thing is that you have peace of mind, that if anything happens to your loved pet, then it will be covered by insurance. If your pet becomes ill, or is injured it can be a very stressful time and you do not want to be worrying about the cost of vets bills.
Pet medical insurance is not expensive; policies are worked out on a monthly basis and are affordable to have. It is a small price to pay for the guarantee that your pet will have the best possible care in the event of a claim.
Often insurance companies will offer you two types of plan for your pet medical insurance, they are life time and time limited cover. Life time cover offer a broad range of cover, and are aimed at pet owners who are concerned about their pet developing a long term illness.
These illnesses include, arthritis and eczema both of which will need treatment from the vet over a long period of time, often for life. You will have to make sure that you renew the policy every year without a break, and then your pet will be covered for life. This is the most popular pet medical insurance to have as it offers the most peace of mind.
Time limited cover generally cost less to have as a policy, but only covers your pet for a limited time after an accident or illness. Often this pet medical insurance will only cover your costs and vets bills, for a 12 month period following the illness or accident. There are downsides to this type of policy, which are that you often cannot claim for the same condition twice and that there is a set time limit.
Making claims on your pet medical insurance is simple; all you have to do is contact the insurance provider, who will send you the forms to claim. You then complete the forms and often will need to pass them onto the vet to fill out the relevant medical information. The claim form is then sent back to the provider, and you then receive the money, it really is that simple. What you can claim and how often does vary from company to company.